1- Rattan garden furniture has a unique texture because its outer surface is hand-knitted. Hazeran draws the attention of those who see it with different knitting styles such as herringbone.

2- You can use your rattan garden furniture comfortably in many areas. With a light and modern style, you can use it in your winter garden, balcony, poolside, garden, terrace and many other places.

3- Heavy and bulky furniture does not mean longer-lasting and more robust furniture. You can move a quality rattan garden furniture easily, you can use it comfortably for many years and you can easily clean it.

4- When we compare it with other garden furniture made of wood on the market, it is very easy to maintain. You can easily clean it by wiping the surface of the rattan garden furniture with a damp cloth or by wiping the surface with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge.

5- Rattan garden furniture has many more types, models and colors than other garden furniture in the market. You can easily find the most suitable furniture according to your style and where you will use it.

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