1- Quality

Since quality garden furniture is long-lasting products, many people can use garden furniture for years. If you are sure of the quality of the garden furniture you will buy and that you buy it from a reliable company, you can use the products you buy for a long time with peace of mind.

2- Expectation

You may need to express your expectations clearly when choosing your garden furniture. For example, you may want to replace your bulky garden furniture with a lighter one so that you can clean the house more easily. You also need to determine the components of your garden furniture correctly, so you know how much maintenance your garden furniture needs. The main components of garden furniture are as follows:

Wood: Many tree species such as teak, acacia, cedar, chestnut can be used in garden furniture, and each tree has its own characteristics and maintenance method. If you want a long-lasting and easy-care tree, you should choose teak, but if your budget for garden furniture is lower, you can choose other tree species.

Synthetic and natural rattan: Synthetic rattan is produced from plastic, and natural rattan is a plant that generally grows in the Far East. Natural rattan requires maintenance at least once a year, but synthetic rattan does not require maintenance. You can clean it only with soap and water when necessary.

Plastic and aluminum: Garden furniture made of plastic and aluminum is more affordable than others, does not rust and does not require maintenance. If it gets dirty, you can clean it with soap and water.

Iron: When iron materials are not properly maintained, they rust easily and are heavier than other materials.

3- Comfort and Size

When choosing the most suitable garden furniture for you, you should test its comfort yourself and think about how it will look in the area you will use. Depending on the quality of the cushions of the garden furniture, it can be very soft or hard.

4- Accessories

After you decide on your garden furniture, a small coffee table, service cart or shelf can make your life easier, depending on your usage area.

5- Opportunities

Since garden furniture is used more in summer, garden furniture companies can make surprise discounts in winter. You can subscribe to the newsletters of garden furniture companies and be informed about discounts.

6- Colors

After deciding on your garden furniture, make sure that it is compatible with the colors of the area you will use. You can create different combinations by changing the cushions of your garden furniture, or you can create a more lively environment by using different colored throw pillows.

7- Area Plan

It will save you time by measuring the area where you will use your garden furniture, before deciding on the product you want, and choosing the furniture you can use. In this way, after purchasing the product, you will not have problems such as the product not fitting into the space or being too small.

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