Take the measurements of the area where you will use the rattan garden furniture.

You can easily sift and decide by comparing the dimensions of the products you like with the area you will use.
Prefer products with aluminum frames.

Aluminum material does not mold and rust, so it is suitable for outdoor use. Since it is a light material, it will be comfortable to move in your space. Iron-framed products will rust and lose their strength when in contact with water.
Make sure to use rattan made of premium material with UV additives.

Rattan is a non-allergic, antibacterial, mold-proof, easily cleaned and recyclable plastic material suitable for changing weather conditions. When the rattan material is UV added, it is more resistant to sunlight, and there is no color change or rupture in the material. When rattan is produced from poor quality material, its color fades day by day, the material dries out completely and falls off.
Make sure the table glasses are tempered.

Tempered glass is more durable than normal glass. Not easily broken and scratched. It is safer for your children.

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